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16 de January de 2024

Complete Guide to Camping in Tenerife: Places, Regulations, and Tips

Camper in Anaga National Park

Tenerife is a paradise for camping enthusiasts, offering a variety of spectacular landscapes and unique opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you’re seeking a retreat in the midst of pristine nature or planning to camp near the beach, the island has options for every taste. Here, we provide a comprehensive guide to make your camping experience in Tenerife unforgettable.

1.Camping Places

Tenerife hosts a wide range of camping sites, from designated areas in national parks to fully equipped campgrounds. Among the most popular places are:

Teide National Park: Enjoy majestic views and starry nights in authorized camping areas like Altavista. Anaga National Park: Immerse yourself in dense vegetation and camp in designated areas with ocean views.

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2. Regulations and Tips

It’s important to follow certain regulations and tips for a safe and respectful camping experience in Tenerife:

  • Permits and Regulations: Make sure to obtain the necessary permits for camping in protected areas and respect local regulations.
  • Environmental Conservation: Dispose of your waste properly, avoid lighting fires outside designated areas, and respect local flora and fauna.
  • Planning and Preparation: Research and plan your route in advance, carry essential supplies, and prepare your camping gear.

Traveling with homologated caravans, motorhomes, and campers provides the freedom to explore both conventional and unexpected places that the roads allow. However, understanding the legal regulations is crucial to avoid potential inconveniences during your journey.

Authorities are sometimes unfamiliar with the legislation that applies to homologated motorhomes and campers, leading to misunderstandings between parking and camping.

Camper in Anaga

3. Parking or Camping?

It’s vital to understand this difference. If you are parked correctly, national traffic

regulations will apply. Therefore, as long as you are properly parked, fines cannot be imposed

for sleeping or cooking inside your homologated vehicle.

On the other hand, if you are camping, the regulations of each autonomous community will apply, usually resulting in fines if you are not in a designated area (camping areas or campgrounds).

Key Rules for Parking:


  • Eating or sleeping inside the vehicle, considered a private space.
  • Placing safety chocks on inclined terrain, as long as they do not protrude from the vehicle.
  • Raising the roof or opening skylights within the vehicle’s perimeter.

Not Allowed:

  • Taking chairs or tables outside the vehicle.
    Camping in Tenerife
  • Deploying awnings, extensions, or projecting windows outside the vehicle.
  • Using stabilizing legs.
  • Discharging fluids (except those from the engine through the exhaust pipe).
  • Emitting annoying noises during rest periods.

Camping or Parking:

Engaging in any of the prohibited actions for parking will classify the vehicle as camping, and regional camping regulations will apply.

Remember, being correctly parked should not cause legal issues unless it violates the law.

Teide Camper

It’s essential to be well-informed about the legislation to enjoy your trip without setbacks.

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